Queensway Community


Queensway’s Story

Since 1958 Queensway Automotive Group has not only been serving their customers within our growing society but has prioritized giving back to the individuals and people that make up our surrounding neighbourhoods from coast to coast. From various local charities, small businesses, and the people who have influenced and advocated for positive change.

Queensway’s story continues to be composed and is built around helping families, businesses, health care services and community social services. Building on these principles not only for our community but every community surrounding it creates a healthier footprint that will aid in building a foundation that will be prosperous for our generation and the ones to come.

Fighting Towards Ending Cancer

Each November, the team at Queensway Automotive Group embraces awareness toward one common goal. Ending cancer. Throughout the years and many grown mustaches, the team at Queensway Automotive Group has provided, accumulated and driven large-scale funds towards bringing health awareness and suicide prevention and ending illnesses such as prostate cancer.

Humanitarian Aid

The impact of war is unmeasurable but civilian lives, and their livelihood will always be the highest cost. Queensway’s financial support to those in need worldwide has aided families in unwelcomed and demanding situations to be supplied with proper food and water or suitable shelter and housing facilities that ultimately provide security and reassurance for these families to rebuild their lives with confidence and stability.

Local Legends 2021

Each year Queensway works harmoniously to bring financial aid to small local businesses or outstanding community leaders to help them project toward their dreams. In 2021, many companies across the country were prohibited from opening their doors to contain and stop the spread of COVID-19. During these difficult times, many local enterprises struggled with continuing monthly expenses that affected us. With the collaboration of Queensway Automotive Group and Mazda Canada, we believe in directing our energy and financial support towards aiding businesses across the GTA during mandated operational closure. These funds ensured small business owners and the dedicated employees working within them could continue to uphold their monthly expenses, pay salaries, and offer reassurance to those in uncertain times.

Local Legends 2022

Shifting into 2022, Queensway continues our focus on small business owners and the individuals and people who make up our incredible community. Organizations like the Faith Outreach Center in Ajax or Institutions like Armagh which provides women and their children with the best possible opportunity to overcome the devastating effects of abuse. Giving food to those in need no matter where and when remains a focal point, and causes like the Richmond Hill Community Foodbank are no exception. Each November and December, Queensway collects and advocates strong initiatives to provide food for the families and people who need it most.